PIJIP and Prescription Policy Choices Host "Lawyering for Access: Legal Strategies to Improve Access to Affordable Pharmaceuticals"

CONTACT: Meredith Jacob: 202-274-4253

On October 16, 2009, PIJIP and Prescription Policy Choices will co-host "Lawyering for Access" to discuss actions state governments have taken to control pharmaceutical costs, as well as the roles of legislation and litigation in pharmaceutical policy. Topics will include: the recent $2.3 billion Pfizer settlement; innovative state legislation being considered around the country; federal appellate litigation by the pharmaceutical industry asserting a First Amendment right to access prescription records for marketing purposes; litigation regarding deceptive marketing practices; and the implications of health care reform for access to medicines and the use of health information. Participants will include legal academics, stater government officials, and attorneys involved in landmark pharmaceuticals litigation.

The Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property (PIJIP) at the Washington College of Law promotes public interest approaches to domestic and international intellectual property law through advocacy, events and the provision of legal and consulting services.  PIJIP’s activities focus on a balanced approach to intellectual property and other legal regimes that reward creators while ensuring broad public access to information and its products.

Prescription Policy Choices is a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c) (3) educational and public policy organization which provides objective research, information, and on-the-ground expertise on prescription drug policy. PPC's research and policy focus is evaluating alternative policies and programs that effectively reduce prescription drug prices and increase access to medications.


Photograph of pills placed on flickr.com under a Creative Commons license by Rakka.

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