Mexico Meeting for ACTA Negotiations Break No New Ground

Excerpts from news and blogs reporting on the uneventful ACTA negotiations in Mexico City last week:


ACTA Mexico Meeting Summary Posted

Michael Geist   
January 29, 2010

The summary statement from the Mexico ACTA talks has been posted online.  As predicted, it is a bland statement confirming discussions on civil enforcement, border measures, and Internet issues.  It also includes the usual discussion around transparency and the desire to conclude ACTA in 2010.
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ACTA Negotiators Report No Breakthroughs On Transparency

Intellectual Property Watch
William New, January 31, 2010

Offering no details - as is their standard - government negotiators for a global anticounterfeiting treaty this week declared a commitment to make efforts to find ways to increase transparency and inclusion of public input in the secretive talks. But they stopped short of actually committing to increased transparency and inclusion, or explaining the continued need for secrecy. [Link to full story on]

ACTA Talks in Mexico to Address Transparency Concerns

Paul Meller, PC World
January 27, 2010

Secretive international talks about how to curb counterfeiting and Internet piracy are under way in Mexico this week. But instead of focusing on the subject at hand, negotiators will spend much of their time discussing transparency, or rather the lack of it in the whole process.

Negotiators from the U.S., the E.U. and nine other countries aim to draft an anticounterfeiting trade agreement (ACTA) by the end of this year. They have been meeting behind closed doors over the past two years, and although the treaty they are crafting will affect almost every single user of the Internet, none of the draft text has been made public. Only firms that have signed stringent nondisclosure agreements have been allowed to see it. [Link to full story on]




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