Introducing the "Amend ACTA" Series of Blogs

Sean Flynn
September 14, 2010

PIJIP has launched a blog series for specific public interest suggestions for amending the latest (August 25) version of the ACTA text. We are inviting contributions from interested parties. We will post at least one blog every day with a suggested specific amendment to ACTA and an accompanying short justification.

The series is posted at 

For submissions, the general format is:


[suggest a specific text amendment in legislative language]


[Include a short 1-5 paragraph explanation with and links to resources].

Suggestions need not be new. Feel free to send us suggestions you have made elsewhere, including to USTR. To make a submission, email the text of your blog in the text of an email or in an attachment.  Feel free to include addresses for links and we will imbed them.  We will post on a rolling basis.

Email to:


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