India Ready to Launch Dispute Against EU for the Seizure of Generic Drugs in Transit

Lengthy negotiations for a resolution of a dispute caused by the EU's sezure of Indian generic drugs in transit seems to have come to an end. The Indian Trade Secretary said on Wednesday that his country has almost prepared its legal briefs to take the EU to the WTO dispute settlement panel. The exact date of formal launching of the dispute is not yet disclosed

A formal trade dispute has loomed for a long time between India and Brazil on one side and the EU on the other.  Shipments of generic medicines that do not infringe intellectual property rights in their country of origin or destination have nonetheless been seized by European customs officials for alleged IP violations when passing through European ports as part of their shipping routes.  Indian officials say they would like to solve the dispute "amicably," but there has been no breakthrough so far. The EU has responded that it has taken the seizures issue very seriously and all neccessary measures have been taken so that these incidents will not repeat.

For information, please see this Reuters story.


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