EU Tables Resolution on ACTA

Sean Flynn
November 18, 2010

A European Parliament resolution "on ACTA - preparing for the Consent Procedure" was tabled by the Greens/EFA.

The vote on the resolution is scheduled for Wednesday 24 November.

The resolution contains a long list of demands, including that

"the Commission to make publicly available all relevant preparatory work, for the purpose of permitting an informed political decision by the Parliament on the meaning of the texts of the Agreement"

"Insists that the Commission does not initial ACTA before it has concluded and made public an ssessment of the impact of ACTA on fundamental rights,"

"Asks the Commission to provide evidence in writing to the responsible Committees, in due time
before initialling the Agreement, that ACTA will not constrain the harmonisation of exceptions and
limitations for copyright and related rights in the EU; will not constrain the possibility of future
expansion of the exceptions and limitations beyond those listed in Directive 2001/29/EC; will not
foreclose future policy options and judicial actions to expand access to creative works given
technological advances through the use of exceptions; will not limit legislative options being
considered by the Commission on orphan works or prevent Member States from introducing
legislation to expand access to orphaned copyrighted works, that limit the remedies of infringing
such works"


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