Lead EU Negotiator Denies Three-Strikes Proposal During ACTA Consultation

The European Commission recently hosted an ACTA consultation where issues such as three strikes and the European Parliament ACTA resolution were discussed. During the consultation, Luc Devigne, the lead European negotiator, made statements in which he repeatedly denied EU's support for the inclusion of a three-strikes provision in ACTA. This statement is in contradiction to a memo released by his department, which stated:

"EU understands that footnote 6 provides for an example of a reasonable policy to address the unauthorized storage or transmission of protected materials. However, the issue of termination of subscriptions and accounts has been subject to much debate in several Member States. Furthermore, the issue of whether a subscription or account may be terminated without prior court decision is still subject to negotiations between the European Parliament and the Council of Telecoms Ministers regarding the Telecoms Package."

 For more information, please see, Michael Giest, The EU ACTA Consultation: European Commission vs. European Parliament (March 22, 2010)





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