Analysis of ACTA's Text

Kimberlee G. Weatherall
University of Queensland, Australia

Since October 2007, a rather interesting set of negotiations have been going on, directed at producing an Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). The present author has previously discussed some issues to watch in the ACTA negotiations, and the international context for these negotiations has been considered in detail elsewhere. More recently, however, there have been leaks of significant, apparently genuine documents: one appears to be an internal European Union document, dated 12 February 2010, analyzing various proposed provisions and negotiating countries‘ reactions and preferences; the other appears to a consolidated version of the Japan-US Joint Proposal dated 18 January 2010.

This document provides an updated analysis of the provisions and proposals reflected in these documents.  The paper is available here:

Kimberlee G. Weatherall. 2010. "ACTA April 2010 - Analysis of Provisions" The Selected Works of Kimberlee G Weatherall. Available at:

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