Agenda and Venue for 8th Round of ACTA Negotiations Leaked

According to a leaked source, the next round of ACTA negotiations in Wellington, New Zealand from April 12th - 16th, 2010 will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel. As delegates from New Zealand, Australia, the EU, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Morocco, Switzerland, and the United States convene for this five-day conference, the agenda indicates that these delegates with discuss issues concerning Border Measures, Enforcement Procedures in the Digital Environment, Criminal Measures, and Civil Enforcement. 

For a view of the full agenda as well as more information regarding this leak, please visit:

Malini Aisola, ACTA New Zealand Meeting Agenda, KEI (March 21, 2010) 

James Heffield, Leak Reveals Wellington ACTA Venue and Agenday, ComputerWorld Development (March 22, 2010)   

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