Announcing International Access to Medicines Scholarships

Tuition discounts are available for participants from developing countries to study Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines, June 7-11, 2010, at American University Washington College of Law, Washington D.C.

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Harvard Profs Challenge ACTA Constitutionality

An article published today by Harvard Law Professors Jack Goldsmith and Lawrence Lessig, argues that the ACTA's planned implementation by an executive order not passed through Congress would likely be unconstitutional. The leaked ACTA text makes clear that in various ways the agreement would change US law is adopted by the President. But even an agreement that 'colors within the lines' of US law would change that law in various ways

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Trade, Human Rights and Development

UN Building - 200pxMany of PIJIP’s projects involve issues at the intersection of intellectual property’s relation to trade, human rights and development interests of developing countries. PIJIP advises governments, intergovernmental organizations, and non-profit organizations on implementation of the WTO agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) as well as on the negotiation and implementation of intellectual property provisions of Free Trade Agreements. With the support of major foundations, PIJIP has hosted, and PIJIP routinely participates in, numerous international workshops and conferences on intellectual property and trade issues that are particularly relevant to developing countries. PIJIP faculty perform academic analyses of trade, human rights and development issues.

New:  Leaked text of the Trans Pacific Partnership and analysis of how it could affect human rights.

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