About the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property

At American University Washington College of Law, the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property (PIJIP) offers an unparalleled course of study in the fields of intellectual property and information law. Our dynamic faculty are dedicated teachers, innovative researchers, and engaging public speakers. Our balanced and diverse curriculum covers the full range of intellectual property topics, and the law school is home to one of the nation’s first intellectual property legal clinics. Under PIJIP's auspices, faculty, staff and students collaborate on public impact projects that promote respect for human rights and the achievement of social justice. PIJIP also sponsors numerous public events and projects, taking full advantage of our location in Washington D.C. — the center of national and international intellectual property law and policymaking.

About This Website
The front page of the PIJIP site is a portal current news items, blog posts, and a quick look at upcoming events. The links on the left sidebar are described below:
  • Faculty - Biographical and contact information for our intellectual property faculty and PIJIP staff.
  • Research and Advocacy - Current PIJIP research projects, along with a comprehensive archive of past PIJIP work product and IP faculty accomplishments can be found here. Items are organized under various themes. PIJIP strongly encourages both students and research advocates to take advantage of the information listed here.
  • Events - Current and past PIJIP events along with in-depth information are found here.
  • Student Resources - Students interested in pursuing studies related to PIJIP can find an updated IP course listing here, along with information on WCL's IP Clinic and LLM program. PIJIP also strives to maintain a currently listing of IP related opportunities, including scholarships, externships, fellowships, writing contests, and student opportunities within PIJIP.
  • IP Clinic - Link to a description of the Washington College of Law Glushko-Samuelson Intellectual Property Law Clinic and website.
  • Curriculum - Listing and description of all IP and PIJIP-related courses that have been taught at WCL.
  • LLM Specialization - Information on WCL's two LL.M specialization in Intellectual Property Law.
  • Email List - Direct access to PIJIP's four email lists which strive to share information between attorneys and advocates across the world (click on the link to expand the tab and reveal our four mailing lists).
  • Links to Other IP Resources - A large compendium of resources from US Government official websites to advocacy blogs to trade and industry association sites that will help anyone interested in learning more about intellectual property and PIJIP's goals.