The Women’s Law Association (WLA) is a student organization providing a diverse feminist forum for Washington College of Law (WCL) students to address legal, social, political, and educational issues facing women today around the world.



While events and activities sponsored by the WLA are open to all members of the broader WCL community, active membership is restricted to current students enrolled in WCL.  To be considered an active member, students must sign up to be on the listserv.

In achieving our goals for this organization, we call for full participation of all WCL students, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, physical handicap, or socioeconomic status. 



The officers of the WLA Executive Board shall include:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Director, and one representative from each section of the first-year class.

The WLA Executive Board shall act in consultation with members to plan activities and events and represent the WLA in the broader community, in seeking to further the purpose of the organization. 

  • Officer Duties
    • President
      • Coordinate meetings of the Executive Board
      • Set the agenda for meetings of the Executive Board
      • Lead in planning all WLA events and activities
      • Help set the WLA budget
      • Update the Student Bar Association (SBA) about any changes in the Executive Board
      • Create executive committees as necessary and appoint the committee chairs
      • Serve as primary WLA liaison to the SBA, the WCL administration, the student body, the WCL alumni, and the community at large
    • Vice-President
      • Assist the President in carrying out her duties
      • Maintain organizational records
    • Secretary
      • Record minutes at all Executive Board meetings
      • Manage and regulate the listserve
      • Compile and upkeep a list of contact information for previous speakers
      • Maintain a list of contact information for former Board members
      • Maintain the WLA website(s)
      • Coordinate the publicizing of WLA events
    • Treasurer
      • Develop and maintain the WLA budget
      • Assist members of the Executive Board in the reimbursement process
      • Attend SBA-sponsored budget training
      • Plan and coordinate WLA fundraising opportunities
      • Create and chair a fundraising committee that shall plan and coordinate all WLA fundraising initiatives, including the WLA Summer Scholarship
    • Events Director
      • Create and chair an events committee that shall plan and coordinate all WLA events, including room reservations, food orders, and set-up
      • Serve as a liaison between the WLA and the Women’s Bar Association for the District of Columbia
    • Section Representatives
      • Serve as primary WLA liaison to each section of the 1L class
      • Advertise all WLA events and activities to each section

  • Elections
    • The election of Executive Board officers shall take place in the spring semester of each academic year and shall be completed before the deadline set by the SBA. The 1L section representatives shall be elected in the fall semester of each academic year.
    • Terms of office shall last for one year from the time of election.
    • All active members are eligible for election.
    • At the time of election, the President (or her designee) shall send an email to the WLA listserve seeking interested candidates.
    • Active members interested in holding a primary Executive Board office for the following academic year must email the current President indicating interest in a specific position.  Candidates must also include a short biographical statement and qualifications for running.
    • The outgoing President (or her designee) shall compile all candidate statements and distribute them to the WLA listserv.
    • If only one candidate is interested in a given office, he or she shall automatically hold that office.
    • Should there be more than one candidate for any given office the President shall announce a General Membership Meeting, during which the members shall vote.
    • Candidates must receive a plurality of votes to be elected.

  • Resignation

An officer of the Executive Board may resign by submitting her resignation in writing to the other members of the Executive Board at an Executive Board meeting.  Resignation takes effect immediately.

  • Removals
    • Any Executive Officer may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the members.
    • Removals shall be brought to a vote by a petition that holds the signatures of:
      • Ten percent of the membership, or
      • Any three Executive Board officers.
  • Vacancies
    • Should the office of President become vacant for any reason, the Vice-President will assume the office for the duration of the term.
    • Any other vacancies on the Executive Board will be filled by an appointment of the President for the duration of term, with the majority approval of the other remaining members of the Executive Board.



The meetings of the WLA shall consist of four essential types: General Membership Meetings, Committee Meetings, Executive Board Meetings, and Removal Meetings.  In addition, a special Budget Committee shall meet during the semester in which the WLA submits its budget to the SBA.


A. General Membership Meetings
The General Membership Meetings of the WLA exist to disseminate information and inspire discussion amongst members, as well as to create committees.  A General Membership Meeting shall consist of at least one officer and no less than three Members.  The Executive Board shall give adequate notice of the date, time, and place of every Meeting.  Any necessary voting shall take place during a General Membership Meeting.  Quorum for any required votes is 15 active members.


B. Executive Committee Meetings
The Committee Chairs shall announce Committee Meetings, which may be attended by any active member.  The President or acting President will appoint Committee Chairs at a General Membership Meeting upon suggestion by members attending the Meeting, or at any time as deemed necessary.  A Committee Chair shall name the members of the Committee and shall inform the Vice President of such appointments.


C. Executive Board Meetings
The Executive Board shall meet at least once at the beginning of each semester and at least one other time during each semester.  The Executive Board Meetings will consist of discussion and planning of events for the upcoming year and may address any topic that falls within the scope of this Constitution.  Whenever the Executive Board votes to take any action, a majority of the votes cast by those present at an Executive Board meeting shall authorize such action, except as otherwise required by law of the Constitution.  A quorum shall exist when at least six Executive Board officers are present.  The Executive Board meetings are open to any member.


D. Special Budget Committee Meetings
A Budget Committee shall form to review the budget allocation from the SBA Senate and prepare an appeal if necessary.  This Budget Committee shall consist of the Executive Board members serving in the semester when the budget is due for approval.  The WLA Treasurer shall chair the Budget Committee, and a majority vote of the Budget Committee members present shall approve all final decisions.



Any WLA member may propose amendments to this Constitution by submitting them to the Executive Board.  The Executive Board may approve the amendment as received or with modifications by a two-thirds majority.  The amendment will be effective immediately after obtaining, by signature, consent of two-thirds of the active membership within three months of the Executive Board approval.



This Constitution shall take effect upon an affirmative vote by two-thirds majority of the active members present at ratification.



This Constitution shall take effect upon ratification by a two-thirds majority vote of the Membership at the April 3, 2006 General Membership Meeting. 

Last Updated: Spring 2009