Students United


ARTICLE I. Establishment of Students United

  1. Name

    1. The organization shall be known as Students United of the Washington College of Law (WCL) at The American University.

  2. Purpose

    1. The purpose of Students United shall be to recruit and support mentors and tutors for students at Oak Hill Academy in Laurel, Maryland, and to provide transportation to organization participants. Students United will also continue to encourage and support mentoring relationships with students who are transitioning out of Oak Hill juvenile detention center. Students United will provide training regarding the confidentiality, safety, and legal rights of all participants. This organization will be committed to community service, educational and community development, and juvenile justice. This Constitution establishes the duties, rights, responsibilities, and obligations of all members of Students United.


  1. Executive Membership

    1. The Executive Board shall plan and direct all Students United activities and ensure that the organization's purpose and goals are upheld and implemented. It will maintain the highest possible level of quality and effectiveness of the program. The Executive Board shall consist of a Director, Assistant Director, and Coordinator of Public Relations.

    2. All Executive Board members shall attend all Students United executive and general meetings, attend tutoring and mentoring activities on a regular basis, and assist other volunteers in performing their duties.

    3. The Executive Board shall be responsible for establishing and revising Students United rules and policies.

  2. Responsibilities of the Executive Board Members

    1. Director

      • Call and preside over all organization events and meetings;

      • Liaise with the Youth Services Administration (YSA), the District of Columbia Public Schools, and other relevant D.C. organizations, as well as WCL faculty to inform them of the organization's projects and progress, and to seek advice and support when appropriate;

      • Oversee the operation of all Students United activities;

      • Conduct all Board meetings;

      • Set objectives for each semester in conjunction with the Executive Board and communicate goals to Students United participants;

      • Approve the annual budget, as prepared by the Assistant Director, and present the budget proposal to the Student Bar Association (SBA);

      • Approve, in conjunction with the Assistant Director, necessary expenditures;

      • Facilitate training for all members; and

      • Perform all other reasonable duties as necessary.

    2. Assistant Director

      • Assist the Director in the oversight of all Students United activities;

      • Assume Directorial duties in the event of the unavailability of the Director;

      • Prepare the annual budget for the SBA Finance Committee and full Senate review and present it to the Director for approval;

      • Maintain all financial records of Students United;

      • Approve, in conjunction with the President, all Students United expenditures;

      • Direct reimbursement to appropriate individuals;

      • Review all service contracts; and

      • Perform all other reasonable duties as necessary.

    3. Coordinator of Public Relations

      • Notify the Executive Board and general members of all relevant meetings;

      • Coordinate all organization events, including scheduling of general meetings (taking note of potential conflicts, etc.), and address all transportation issues;

      • Publicize Students United meetings, activities, and elections to the WCL student body and the outside community when appropriate;

      • Foster public relations initiatives, including the promotion of Students United to faculty, administration, area law schools, and all WCL students;

      • Respond to administrative requests by the faculty, administration, and Youth Services Administration on behalf of Students United;

      • Record minutes of all meetings;

      • Ensure that Students United's information on WCL's student organization website is correct and updated;

      • Work toward creating and maintaining a Students United website;

      • Place notices of Students United general meetings and activities in The Docket; and

      • Perform all other reasonable duties as necessary.

  3. Responsibilities of General Members

    1. All members of Students United shall be law students of WCL or other area law schools.

    2. Members shall consistently participate in weekly mentoring and tutoring, making all reasonable effort to attend every session. In the event that a member cannot attend, it is the member's responsibility to notify the Executive Board with as much advance notice as possible.

    3. Members, with the assistance of the Executive Board, shall provide Oak Hill students with individually tailored tutoring assignments and mentoring. Mentoring should extend beyond the weekly meetings when appropriate or necessary.

    4. Each member shall be committed to maintaining contact with his or her assigned student as long as possible, including during and after the student's transition from Oak Hill into the community. When feasible, contact should also be maintained after the mentor has left law school.

    5. When mentoring, members shall engage in appropriate behavior and conversation. In addition, members shall always wear the Students United tee shirt and plain pants when at Oak Hill.

    6. All members shall follow all Oak Hill and YSA guidelines.

    7. If a member observes inappropriate behavior of another member, he/she shall have the duty to attempt to ameliorate the situation. If the behavior continues, the member shall contact a member of the Executive Board, who will then address the situation.

    ARTICLE III. Executive Board Elections and Removals

    1. In General

      1. Only WCL members of Students United may hold an Executive Board position.

      2. Upon the vacancy of an Executive Board position, the Board shall appoint a current member of Students United. If a vacancy occurs in the middle of a term, reappointment for the following term is unnecessary.

      3. Executive Board members shall serve terms of one year without limitation as to the number of terms. Each term shall begin with the new school year at WCL and shall run until the beginning of the next school year, including throughout the summer. Newly appointed officers shall take office immediately.

    2. Appointment Procedures

      1. General members of Students United who are interested in holding a position on the Executive Board should notify the Board of their interest before the end of the WCL school year. Upon request of the Board, interested members shall submit a letter outlining their vision of their role on the Board, why they are committed to Students United, and how they will have the time to fulfill the duties of the specified Board position.

      2. All Executive Board members shall be appointed by a consensus of current Executive Board members.

    3. Removal Proceedings

      1. Executive Board members can only be removed for good cause, such as a consistent failure to perform requisite duties, failure to participate in organization activities, or inappropriate behavior. Any member of Students United may bring a motion for removal. However, removals shall only occur upon consensus of the other two Executive Board members. Removal must be preceded by a period of discussion during an Executive Board meeting and the member for whom removal is being sought must have an opportunity to respond to allegations.

      2. The Executive Board can remove general members for good cause, such as a consistent failure to perform requisite duties, failure to participate in organization activities, or inappropriate behavior. Removals shall occur by a majority vote of Executive Board members.


    1. Policy

      1. Students United shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability in any Students United activity.