Juvenile Justice Society

The Juvenile Justice Society at WCL was created in 2015 by Charles Ross and Kieley Sutton. The organization seeks to fill the gap in the school and in the community when it comes to serving and representing juveniles. The main project of the JJS is to run a mentoring program at the local juvenile detention center, New Beginnings. A group of WCL students travel to Laurel, MD on a weekly basis to work with the scholars at New Beginnings. The program consists of social mentoring, academic aid, and street law instruction. We also provide snacks and games.

Finally, the JJS also works with the school to highlight different career opportunities within the Juvenile Justice field. They invite practitioners and professors to talk with its members about the various opportunities available at a professional level.

The JJS is constantly growing - both in membership and initiatives. Please feel free to contact the Juvenile Justice Society at juvenilejusticewcl@gmail.com with any questions or inquiries.