Constitution of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society at the Washington College of Law, American University


The Sports and Entertainment Law Society's mission is to provide a forum for law students interested in all aspects of sports and entertainment law. The Society's goal is to provide law students with access to alumni who are working in the areas of sports and entertainment law and with access to information concerning courses, programs and information regarding the sports and entertainment industry. Furthermore, the Society offers a venue for discussion of relevant and current issues as they arise in the field of sports and entertainment law. Finally, the Society provides members with the ability to compete in sports law and entertainment law competitions.


Section 1.

The name of this student organization is the Sports and Entertainment Law Society (SELS).


Section 1.

The SELS enhances a law student's experience by creating a forum which allows students to explore issues related to sports and entertainment law as practiced in a variety of settings. SELS recognizes its role as a member of the law school community by promoting various educational and networking opportunities for students who aspire to enter either the sports or entertainment field.

Section 2.

The SELS may pursue any activity that the SELS Executive Board deems relevant and beneficial to furthering the goals of the SELS, as long as the activity is not prohibited by any policies of American University or the Washington College of Law. In the past, among other activities, SELS has hosted speakers on topics relevant to its mission and arranged activities which concern or address issues of interest to the sports and entertainment law fields. Historically, SELS has offered students interested in sports and entertainment law an opportunity to socialize and network with members of the local sports and entertainment community. As a service organization, SELS has provided and intends to continue to information students about internships and post-law school employment in the field of sports and entertainment law.


Section 1. Requirements

"Member": Any student attending the Washington College of Law is eligible to be a member of SELS.

Section 2. Termination of Membership

Membership in SELS is voluntary and can be terminated at any time. To obtain membership a student may register with the Secretary of the SELS, e-mail any member of the Executive Board, or register or at a SELS event.


Section 1. The Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Business Law Society shall consist of the following officers: President, Vice-President of Sports, Vice-President of Entertainment, Treasurer, and Secretary.

  • President
    • Preside at all meetings of the Executive Board, Student Advisors, and General Body.
    • Determine and formulate agenda items for Board meetings taking into consideration the recommendations of the Executive Board, Student Advisors and General Body.
    • Coordinate the presentation of the Board's public statements representing the position of the Board and issue statements to the press when appropriate.
    • Keep the Board focused on the mission, vision, and goals set forth in the SELS Constitution.
    • Delegate assignments and duties to other Board members
    • With the assistance of the Treasurer, develop for the Board's review, a budget for each semester.
  • Vice President of Sports
    • Assist the President with every day matters.
    • When the President is unable to carry out his/her duties, the Vice President is to assume the duties of the President.
    • Oversee the sports division of the student organization and ensure there will be sports events and/or speakers throughout the year.
  • Vice President of Entertainment
    • Assist the President with every day matters
    • When the President is unable to carry out his/her duties, the Vice President is to assume the duties of the President.
    • Oversee the sports division of the student organization and ensure there will be entertainment events and/or speakers throughout the year.
  • Treasurer
    • Call and organize at least one meeting per semester to prepare the budget for the following semester. This meeting must be scheduled at least one week prior to the SBA deadline for budget submission.
    • Prepare the budget for the Spring Semester and the immediately following Fall Semester regardless of the date of election of new officers.
    • Present the budget to the Student Bar Association Senate. Other SELS members may accompany the Treasurer and participate in the presentation. President is responsible for attending SBA Finance Committee meetings as needed.
    • Keep all budget/financial records. The Treasurer must produce budget/financial records and/or reports upon the written request of any officer within a week from the date of request submission. This responsibility is extended to SBA budgets and private account for college scholarship.
    • Obtain the signature of the President for all financial matters, including reimbursements, scholarship awards, and payment to approved vendors.
  • Secretary
    • Maintain adequate communication between the Executive Board, other members of the Society, and the public. This includes but is not limited to: meeting announcements, announcements regarding special events and functions and communications between the school administration and the society.
    • Take minutes at executive board meetings.
    • Maintain website.
    • Oversee and managing all social media accounts, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
    • Grow social media presence.
    • Consistently post content and promotional material to appropriate social media outlet.
    • Create promotional material for upcoming events.
  • Blog Editor
    • Oversee blog contributors' content.
    • Editing for style, grammar, punctuation, and accuracy.
    • Maintain the blog.
    • Work in conjunction with Director of Communications in promoting SELS content.
    • Solicit contributors and Junior Staffers" from current SELS members.
    • Organize Blog submission schedule.

Section 2. Student Advisor (s).

At the discretion of the Executive Board, former Executive Board members and / or 1Ls may be retained in an advisory role. Student Advisors shall not have voting rights.

Section 3. Faculty Advisor

SELS shall have a Faculty Advisor selected from the faculty at the Washington College of Law.


Section 1. Candidates

Each candidate for office must submit an application and a resume for consideration by the Executive Board. Interviews of candidates may be held at the discretion of the Board depending on the number of applicants.

Section 2. Voting Procedure

Candidates shall be elected by a majority of the graduating 3Ls currently on the Executive Board, with all those members present for voting. Depending on the number of applications received, the Executive Board is at the discretion to elect not to hold interviews and select a new Executive Board accordingly.

Section 3. Date of Election

Election of the Executive Board shall be no earlier than March 15 and no later than April 15 of each academic year.

Section 4. Term of Office

The term of office shall be one academic year or in the case of mid-year replacement, from the time of the replacement until the new officers are elected at the Spring election.

Section 5. Impeachment

Impeachment proceedings shall be at the discretion of the Executive Board. A four fifths vote shall be required to replace an Executive Board member.


Section 1.

SELS may solicit funds in any manner consistent with Washington College of Law policies and procedures.

Section 2.

The financial management of SELS is the responsibility of the treasurer.


Section 1. Constitution

All proposed amendments to the SELS Constitution shall be made in written or electronic form and submitted to the Executive Board by any member, officer or advisor of the SELS.

Section 2. Authority of Elected and Appointed Officers

Elected and appointed officers have full authority to implement and interpret the mandate of this Constitution. That implementation and interpretation shall be binding to the extent of its Constitutionality. However, any questions of the Constitutionality of the actions of the elected or appointed official shall be settled at a general meeting of the membership with a simple majority vote.

Section 3. Bylaws

The operation of the SELS shall be in accordance with the bylaws

Section 4. Amendments

Any Amendment to the Constitution must be approved by a majority of the Executive Board when all members of the Executive Board are present.


SELS shall not discriminate on the basis of: ancestry, color, race, sexual orientation, sexual identification, cultural or ethnic background, economic status, ideological, philosophical, or political beliefs or affiliations, marital or parental status, national or regional origin, physical disability, religion, or religious or denominational affiliations.