Past SALSA Events


Event Event Description
1 Deans Barbeque Gave 1L's an opportunity to meet upperclassmen SALSA members
2 Diversity Day Introduced 1L's to all the diverse WCL student groups
3. Introductory meetings for 1L students  Provided 1L's w/ information about upcoming SALSA events & activities
4 Mentor/Mentee Event at Guapos Gave 1L's an opportunity to meet and get to know their upperclassmen mentor
5 Garba Outing A night of dancing to traditional Gujarati music
6 Hiking Trip An afternoon trip to Great Falls in Virginia
7 Eid Dinner A dinner to celebrate the Muslim holiday
8 Gandhi Day of Service A Community service activity with other South Asians in the District
9 SALSA Fall Formal A banquet with the SALSA's of Georgetown University & George Washington University
10 Health Policy Town Hall Event Panel Discussion on how the current health reform will affect South Asian Americans
11 Fundraiser for WLA/IRC Raised funds for WLA/IRC
12 ALSA Outlining Panel Panel discussion on tips and tricks of outlining


Event Event Description
1 Introductory meetings for day/evening students  Provide 1L's w/ an intro to SALSA and a chance to meet the members
2 9/11 and Its Affect on South Asians Panel discussion on racial discrimination against South Asians, and subsequent legal recourse
3 Finnegan Career Panel SALSA planned an event for  20 Finnegan lawyers and 20 WCL students. The event had a career panel which was followed by a meet-and-greet.
4 Raas/Garba Indian Cultural Outing Cultural  event which is marked by traditional Indian dancing 
5 Annual Banquet Social/Cultural gathering  with Georgetown SALSA and GW SALSA at a local South Asian venue  
6 Gandhi Day of Service SALSA Members joined other local South Asians to work on different community service projects
7 IRC Panel Discussion Immigrants Rights Panel
8 2nd General Body Meeting Provides members with an overview of the semesters events
9 Education For Change Event @ Busboys & Poets

SALSA Sponsored a discussion on education reform in India. The talk was led by a leader in the Indian development sector (Ravi Gulati)

10 Election Meeting Meeting for all board applicants to learn about the board positions
11 SAALT Summit Founders Day Event - Series of discussions on South Asian issues
12 Student/Faculty Lunch @ Nirvana SALSA Members got the chance to dine with South Asian Professors
13 ALSA Meet and Greet Chance for all the New AlSA board members to meet each other
14 OCI From a Student Perspective The Alsa's put togther a panel to discuss OCI. The discussion was followed by a series of mock interviews.
15 National SAALT Summit The SAALT Summit facilitated panels, discussions and activities b/w South Asian groups from across the United States