National Security and Law Society Frequently Asked Questions
Last Updated 11/12/2006

1) How do I get a copy of the Model Constitution and Model By-Laws?

Both the model constitution [PDF] and model by-laws [PDF] can be downloaded as PDF documents from the International NSLS website.

2) What is the precise name of the organization?

To correct some possible mistakes, the name of the NSLS is the National Security AND Law Society, not the National Security Law Society.

3) Is there any way that I can discuss things with other students interested in this field, and hear about events and whatnot?

Yes, we now have a Yahoo! discussion group, located at When you request to join, please mention your school affiliation.

4) But my school doesn't have an NSLS chapter yet. What do I do?

The Yahoo! group is open to all interested law students, regardless of whether or not a chapter exists at their school. How else would we find people at those schools to charter chapters? Please mention in your request to join that your school does not have a chapter, though.

5) I am a professional, but I am very interested in this group. What do I do?

We will form a Yahoo! group for professional members soon. The NSLS Yahoo! group is for law students only, but if you email us at, we will inform you as soon as the professionals group is formed. Until then, you should email Holly McMahon at the ABA Standing Committee for Law and National Security to get your name on their mailing list, or investigate the National Security Law listserv run by Wake Forest University. A word of advice for the latter: Make sure you send the Subscribe request in Plain Text, not in Rich Text. If you join either group, please mention that you were referred through our site.

For any other questions, please contact our International President at

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