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EMININT 2005 was a great success. Join us in Spring 2006 for EMININT 2006! Visit the NSLS website frequently for more information.

Emerging Issues in National and International Security (EMININT 2005)
March 21-22, 2005
Washington College of Law American University, Washington, D.C.

The National Security and Law Society of the American University Washington College of Law is hosting a two-day professional Symposium in mid-March to address the pressing issues of the day in the fields of national and international security. This Symposium will consist of expert panels equally distributed between the fields of foreign policy, intelligence, and law, discussing such topics as:

  •            The Emergence of a New Intelligence Mindset
  •           Climate Change, Infectious Disease, and Resource Shortages as Threats to International Security
  •            The Fourth Estate and National Security Policy: Reporters or Watchdogs?
  •            Comparative Counter-Terrorism Policies
  •            Personal Information Privacy in the Post-9/11 World
  •            Homeland Security Law and Private Industry
  •            Whistleblowing and the Intelligence Community
  •            Torture, Interrogation, and Human Rights in the Global War on Terror

The philosophy of this Symposium is that 1) the best way for students to learn about vital national security issues is to discuss them with experts, and 2) the best way for experts to broaden their horizons and work together on these issues is to study them together at events like this. Historically, most conferences in these fields are either on Intelligence or on National Security Law alone, with their respective professionals.  This Symposium changes that dynamic, bringing together experts in intelligence, foreign policy, and law, all within reach of graduate and law students thirsty for this information.

The speakers represent the pinnacles of their respective fields, coming from five countries and across the United States. They represent academic experts, senior U.S. government policymakers, and corporate leaders. They have written books, made laws, established companies, and otherwise shaped the field of National Security. There is something for everyone in this Symposium, and few attendees will fail to take something away from it.

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Note: This event requires paid registration for non-students. To register, complete the
registration form [word, pdf]. CLE credit is available.


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