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Emerging Issues in National and International Security



Note: All events take place at the Washington College of Law, 4801 Massachusetts Avenue, NW.

We are responding by email to everyone who registers for EMININT 2005. If you have submitted a registration and have not received an email from us within one day, please email us ASAP so that we may correct the error. Thank you.

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Monday, March 21


8:00 AM - Outside Room 603

Check-in and Continental Breakfast


9:00 AM - Room 603

Greetings and Opening Remarks

Kelly McClanahan: President, National Security and Law Society


9:15 AM - Room 603

Homeland Security Law and Private Industry

Moderator: Rich Cooper, Business Liaison Director - Department of Homeland Security

George Foote, Bracewell Patterson

Gen. James Jackson, Vice President and Director - Battelle Office of Homeland Security

Ralph Sharpe, Venable


10:30 AM

15-minute Break


10:45 AM - Room 603

The Fourth Estate and National Security Policy: Reporters or Watchdogs?

Moderator: Joe Johns, CNN Congressional Correspondent

Eugene Fidell, Partner - Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP

Walter Pincus, Washington Post Intelligence Correspondent

Jim Risen, New York Times Intelligence Correspondent

Bill Gertz, Washington Times Intelligence Correspondent


12:15 PM - Outside Room 603

Sandwich Lunch


1:15 PM - Room 603

Silent Leges Inter Arma: Torture, Interrogation, and Human Rights in the Global War on Terror

Moderator: Claudio Grossman

Harvey Rishikof, Director, National Security Strategy - National War College

Elisa Massimino, Washington Director - Human Rights First

Robert Goldman, UN Independent Expert on the Protection of Human Rights

2:30 PM

15-minute Break


2:45 PM - Room 603

Past as Prologue: The Emergence of a New Intelligence Mindset

Moderator: Gordon Lederman, Former lead staffer for Intelligence Reform - 9/11 Commission

Randy Pherson, former CIA specialist in alternative analysis

Kevin Scheid, Team Leader for Intelligence - 9/11 Commission

William Nolte, Deputy Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production

4:00 PM - Room 603

Real Wrath of God Stuff: Climate Change, Infectious Disease, and Resource Shortages as Threats to International Security

Moderator: TBD

George Fidas, CIA, co-drafter of the Intelligence Community Estimate on Infectious Disease

Lee Lane, Executive Director - Climate Policy Center


5:30 PM - 6th Floor Cafeteria

Keynote Banquet

Keynote Speaker: James S. Gilmore, III


Tuesday, March 22


8:00 AM - Outside Room 603

Check-in and Continental Breakfast


9:00 AM - Room 603

Whistleblowing and the Intelligence Community

Moderator: Robert Vaughn

Coleen Rowley, FBI Whistleblower

Tom Devine, Legal Director - Government Accountability Project

Mark Zaid, Partner - Krieger & Zaid, PLLC


10:15 AM

15-minute Break


10:30 AM - Room 603

They Want Your Secrets: Personal Information Privacy in the Post-9/11 World

Moderator: Stephen Wermiel

Daniel Benny, Private Investigator, Assistant Editor of PI Magazine

Mark Rotenberg, Executive Director - Electronic Privacy Information Center

Valerie Caproni, General Counsel - Federal Bureau of Investigation


11:45 AM - 6th Floor Cafeteria

Professional Networking Lunch, sponsored by Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, Int'l.


1:15 PM - Room 603

How They Do Things Over There: Comparative Counter-Terrorism Policies

Moderator: Nicholas Kittrie

Doron Zimmermann, Center for Security Studies, Zurich, Switzerland

Eran Duvdevani - International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism

Saad Abudayeh, University of Jordan

2:30 PM - Room 603

Closing Remarks


2:45 PM - 6th Floor Cafeteria

Farewell Wine and Cheese Reception


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