Calendar of Events

Organizational Meeting
September 13th, 2007, 12 noon, Room 528.
Day Students! Come join us for lunch, election of new officers, and discussion of our plans for the year.
Organizational Meeting
September 13th, 2007, 5 PM, Room 402.
Evening Students! Come join us for lunch, election of new officers, and discussion of our plans for the year.
NSLS Career Fair
September 27th, 2007, 2 PM, TBD.
Looking for a summer internship in the national security field? We invite Students (except 1Ls) to attend and meet with professionals from government agencies.

About NSLS

The National Security and Law Society (NSLS) strives to create an effective, non-partisan forum for informed discourse on U.S. national security policy and foreign affairs. Our tri-fold mission is (a) to foster interest in, and understanding of, the legal aspects and ramifications of national security by sponsoring speakers and programs concerning the many issues covered by this umbrella; (b) to aid members in their pursuits of careers in these fields; and (c) to contribute to the development of national security law.

If you are captivated by intelligence activities, counter-terrorism, classified information, electronic intercepts, or related issues, then this is the group for you. For further information, email


NSLS is proud to announce that we have now become an international organization with chapters across the United States and Canada. New chapters are joining our ranks every few weeks, and we expect our Leadership Conference to be a huge success. Visitors from other schools who wish to learn about how to set up a chapter at your school should [click here].

Membership Announcements

The NSLS Constitution as amended has been ratified and is now available online. Amendements include:

1) Required expansion of the anti-discrimination pledge of all student groups by the WCL Student Bar Association.
2) Required changes by the international NSLS to bring WCL's constitution into full compliance with the international umbrella organization's requirements


The Primer on "Public Diplomacy and National Security Policy" delivered by the Honorable Jill Schuker - October 5th, 2005 is now available for podcast.

The podcast of the Ethical Issues for Government Lawyers panel is now available.

EMININT 2006 - 03/20/2006
Greetings/Opening/Petro-Security in the Post-9/11 World
War on Terror in the Foreign Media
Legislative Interpretation of National Security
Cyber-Security and the Electronic War on Terror
Keynote Address

EMININT 2006 - 03/21/2006
International Adjudication of Terror
FBI vs. MI-5: The War over Domestic Intelligence
Awarding of Governmental National Security Contracts
Immigration in an Age of Terrorism


Coming soon.

Past Events

You can see a list of last year's happenings at our past events site.