Frequently Asked Questions

When does the competition take place?
The First-Year Competition takes place at the beginning of the Spring semester each academic year. Watch The Docket for specific dates!

What am I required to prepare for the competition?
The First-Year Competition requires only that the competitors prepare a fifteen minute appellate argument based on the materials given to each competitor. Competitors are not required to do outside research or write a brief to compete.

Why should I compete in the First-Year Competition?
  • This is the only competition designed specifically for first-year students.
  • This is your first chance to gain experience in appellate advocacy.
  • Participation in the competition requires no outside research. All of the work has been done for you; you only have to incorporate your knowledge of the materials provided.
  • Participation enhances your resume. Moot Court is looked upon highly by employers whether you plan to work for a law firm, the government or work as a lobbyist.
  • It's fun!

Is it necessary for me to have previous experience in debate or advocacy?
NO. Everything you need to know to compete in the competition will be given to you in the competitor's packet of materials. There is no outside research required.

Why do members of Moot Court consider their first-year experiences valuable?
There are few experiences in law school that provide students the opportunity to practice and thus improve their advocacy skills. Participation in the First-Year Competition allows you the opportunity to do just that in the context of a competition designed specifically for first-year students.

Who do I contact for more information on the First-Year Competition?
Feel free to contact Abi Bamgboye or Vanessa Motley, First-Year Competition Co-Directors, at (202) 274-4401 or for more information.