2016 Philip C. Jessup Mid-Atlantic Regional Champions
Sarai Infante, Amber Unwala, Omeed Assefi
Alanna Kennedy & Nicholas Gordon


Inter-School Competitions

The WCL Inter-school Team is made up of students who participate in both regional and national competitions across the country. Team members write briefs and often enjoy the opportunity to argue their cases in front of prominent jurists, including Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. Becoming a member of the Inter-school team is a great way to improve your oral advocacy and writing skills, and to meet law students throughout the country.

Students must compete in the Spring Qualifying Tournament to become a member of the Inter-school team. Once on the team, students are assigned to a specific regional or national competition. Team members are required to take an advocacy course appropriate for their competition. Such courses operate as great training ground for our team members.

2016-2017 Competitions

  • ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition
  • Seigenthaler-Sutherland National First Amendment Competition
  • Tulane Sports Law Moot Court Competition
  • National Criminal Procedure Tournament
  • Pepperdine University National Entertainment Law Competition
  • Bryant-Moore Civil Rights Moot Court Competition
  • Saul Lefkowitz Intellectual Property Competition
  • Jerome D. Prince Memorial Evidence Competition
  • Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition
  • Whittier Law School/Center for Children's Rights Juvenile Law Moot Court Competition
  • D.C. Cup Moot Court Competition
  • Ruby R. Vale Corporate Moot Court Competition
  • J. Braxton Craven Memorial Constitutional Law Competition
  • Albert R. Mugal Tax Competition
  • Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot


WCL Host Competitions

  • Alvina Reckman-Myers First Year Tournament (Intra-School)
    The Alvina Reckman-Myers First Year Competition allows both full and part-time first year students the opportunity to practice their appellate advocacy skills. This competition allows students to gain valuable advice and feedback from experienced alumni, legal practitioners and members of the judiciary.

  • Burton D. Wechsler First Amendment Tournament
    The Burton D. Wechsler First Amendment Competition is open to all accredited law schools. The competition is held at WCL and allows participants an opportunity to compete against one another on a First Amendment issue drafted by members of the Moot Court Executive Board.

  • Spring Qualifying Tournament (Intra-School)
    The Spring Qualifying Tournament allows students an opportunity to compete for a position on the Moot Court team. Competitors are required to submit a written brief and participate in two rounds of oral argument. WCL students who are among the top competitors in the Spring Qualifying Tournament, earn the honor of representing WCL at appellate advocacy competitions across the country.