Inter-school Team Members

Congratulations to the students who competed in the 2005 Spring Qualifying Tournament.

Below are the members of the 2005-2006 Inter-school Moot Court Team. Members compete in both regional and national trial and appellate advocacy competitions across the country.

Doug Agopsowicz
Rishi Bagga
Annelies Brock
Mario Cava
Maggie Croteau
Isorys Dilone
Ethan Don
Lydia Edwards
Jessica Fegan
Dominique Fite
Chad Flores
Jennifer Gardner
David Goodwin
Sarah Holland
Anna Horning Nygren
Molly Hostetler
Jimmy Howell
Dave Jaquette
Genny Johnson
Miki Kamijyo
Adian Lynes
Rebecca Maisel
Gwen McKee
Anjetta McQueen
Zehra Naqui
Jodi Newman
Juliette Niehuss
Cherish O'Donnell
Shoshana Rothman
Kate Ruane
Scott Sanford
Megan Scheib
Anthony Sciascia
Laura Schmoyer
Rachel Seid
Anik Shah
Michael Skopets
Jennifer Slagle
Christa Southworth
Amy Stanley
Paul Stern
Melissa Troiano
Colin Winkler
Ryan Wolf
Jed Wulfekotte
Wendy Yang
Tritia Yuen