Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to compete in the Spring Qualifying Tournament?
All first and second year WCL students are eligible and encouraged to participate in this competition.

When is the Spring Qualifying Tournament held?
The Spring Qualifying Tournament typically takes place in February or March of each academic year. Watch The Docket early on in the Spring semester for more details on informational meetings and the specific dates of the competition.

What am I required to do in order to become eligible for participation on the Inter-School Team?
Competitors are required to research and write a brief based upon the problem distributed by the Spring Qualifying Tournament Committee. No outside assistance is permitted. Students must prepare an oral argument on brief and an oral argument off brief. Students participating in the competition may not "moot" or practice their oral argument with any other person. While there is generally no elimination process, each student accumulates scores in each round. Approximately the top fifteen to thirty students are invited to join the following year's Inter-school Teams. While qualifying students submit preferences for specific Inter-school Competition Teams, only two to three persons may sit on a team. The Moot Court Executive Board does its best to accommodate all students' preferences, but reserves the right to appoint students to any team.

How long does it take to write a brief for this competition?
According to previous competitors, a good brief takes at least one week to research and write.