The Mock Trial Honor Society will proudly compete in several interschool competitions during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Spring 2017 Trial Teams

John L. Costello National Criminal Law Trial Advocacy Competition

(George Mason University School of Law)

Brian Tan

Cheline Schroeder

Joseph Collins


Texas Young Lawyers Association National Trial Competition

Christine Varghese and Olivia Watkins

Kara Simmons and Ashley Probst

American Association for Justice Student Trial Advocacy Competition

Monisha Rao, Kris Vicencio, Doran Shemin, Cheline Schroeder

Natalie Selzer, Justin Teitell, Rudy Williams, Darelee Hamilton

National Criminal Justice Trial Competition

(American Bar Association and The John Marshall Law School)

Calvin Walker

Larissa Zavarelli

Nicole Huffman

Castell Abner III

National Ethics Trial Competition

(McGeorge School of Law)

John Paul Bezerra

Aishwarya Shesh

Paige Resnick

Brian Gauthier


Estrella Trial Advocacy Competition

(Puerto Rico)

Shaniqua Butler

Evelyn Haro

Alex Raby

Aly Mance

South Texas Mock Trial Challenge

(South Texas College of Law)

Will Warmke

Brittany Donellan

Gbenimah Slopadoe

Joseph Collins


Fall 2016 Trial Teams

The Mockingbird Challenge

(Faulkner University School of Law)

Dara Smith

Sam Escher

Larissa Zavarelli

Nicole Huffman

Puerto Rico Trial Advocacy Competition

(Interamerican University of Puerto Rico School of Law)

Monisha Rao

Brian Tan

Natalie Selzer

Aishwarya Shesh

Peter James Johnson '49 National Civil Rights Trial Competition

(St. John's University School of Law)

Samantha Findling

Brian Gauthier

Rudy Williams

Doran Shemin

Professor Bernie L. Segal Criminal Mock Trial Competition, In Vino Veritas

(Golden Gate University School of Law)

William Warmke

Brittany Donnellan

David Weissman

Gbenimah Slopadoe

Judge Paul Joseph Kelly, Jr. Invitational Trial Competition

(Fordham University School of Law)

Castell Abner III

Olivia Watkins



National White Collar Crime Invitational

(Georgetown University Law Center)

Aly Mance, Cheline Schroeder, Raenetta Ellison, Justin Teitell

Monisha Rao, Will Warmke, Dara Smith, Joseph Collins


Buffalo Niagra Trial Competition

(University of Buffalo Law School)

Calvin Walker

Jorge Deossa

John Accursio

John-Paul Bezzera

National Civil Trial Competition

(Loyola Law School, Los Angeles)

Christine Varghese

Kara Simmons

Ashley Probst

Kris Vicencio


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