Results from Last Year's Challenge

Georgetown University (champion/left) and New York University (finalist/right) with the 2013 Capitol City Challenge final round presiding judge, the Honorable Erik P. Christian.

The Stephen S. Weinstein Trial Advocacy Program and the WCL Mock Trial Honor Society hosted the Fifth Annual Capitol City Challenge Mock Trial Competition at the District of Columbia Superior Court on February 28 - March 3, 2013.

The competitors were evaluated and critiqued by approximately 50 experienced federal and state prosecutors, public defenders, and private practice attorneys. A group of those evaluators were narrowed down to four judges (jurors) in the final round through voir dire performed by the competing teams, thereby creating a more realistic trial experience for the finalists. The presiding judge for the final round was Judge Erik P. Christian, former Chief Judge of the District of Columbia Superior Court and WCL Trial Advocacy Program adjunct professor.

Georgetown University Law Center defeated New York University School of Law in the final round. Jeff Golemowski from Georgetown received the "Best Advocate" award in the final round. The "Best Prosecution Advocate" award from the preliminary rounds was presented to Casey Jordan from the University of Houston Law Center, and the "Best Defendant Advocate" award was presented to Neil Thakore from NYU. Teams from Houston and Temple University School of Law qualified for the semi-final round.