MISO offers various activities aimed at helping international students cope with life in the United States and the rigors of law school.


Professor Pether and Christina Adams, a 3L Dean�s Fellow at the Legal Rhetoric department, organize weekly workshops for multicultural and international first-year student to improve their legal writing and other academic skills. Second-year students attend separate workshops that assist them in polishing their writing samples and resumes. Both workshops are informal and flexible, and students can tailor the workshops to their particular needs and interests. In additional to academic support, the workshops foster a network of mutual help, which is an invaluable source of strength and friendship.

Other Activities

Throughout the academic year, MISO organizes various panels, meetings and conferences to provide career and networking opportunities for international students. MISO also coordinates various events in conjunction with other international student organizations, such as the International Law Society and the L.L.M. Board, to foster a broad international coalition within the student body. In line with our objective, the members of the MISO find opportunities to discuss with faculty and practitioners in the law school community and the community at large different ways to promote the interests of international students.