UPDATE: The LL.M. Board already received a bid for $290. (May 1st)


Would you like to win a PMBR package?

The LL.M. Board will sell from April 24th to May 1st, ONE package for a Course with PMBR. The best bid wins the package.

The winning bidder will choose between two options:

A 3-days Final Review Course with PMBR worth $475

For more info on the content of the package go to: http://www.pmbr.com/coursethreeday.aspx

Or a $475 refund on PMBR comprehensive program

For more info on the content of the package go to: http://www.pmbr.com/coursecomprehensive.aspx


Simply bid on it by sending an email to llmboard@wcl.american.edu before May 1st @11:59PM.

The best bid wins the package.


1.  Each bidder must send its bid by email to llmboard@wcl.american.edu
2.  If two person bid for the same price, only the first bid will be taken into account.
3.  Each day, the value of the highest bid may be disclosed on the LL.M.Board website:
4.  Any bid received after 11:59PM on May 1st will not be taken into account.
5.  Every student at WCL can participate in the raffle.
6.  The starting price for the sale is $200.
7.  The benefits of the sale will go to the LL.M. Executive Board in International Legal Studies at American University – Washington College of Law to benefit future LL.M. students in the International Legal Studies Program.
8. Any question regarding the bid shall be addressed to llmboard@wcl.american.edu

The LL.M.Executive Board wishes to thanks PMBR for their generous gift.