About Us

The Spring 2007 Board


LL.M. Executive Board Members:

  • President: Desiree Moreno Gutierrez
  • Vice-President: Abdul Rahman Omar
  • Secretary: Sueena Francisco
  • Treasurer: Alex Weil
  • Officers : Ying-Yen Patricia Chang



In order to fulfill this goal, we shall:

  • Bring continuity to current LL.M. Board projects (having been present at all LL.M. Board meetings this semester), such as the advisory committee, the pot-luck dinner, etc.
  • Improve the academic curriculum within the school.
  • Improve extracurricular activities in and out of school.
  • Improve students’ opportunities by establishing more scholarships.
  • Improve the LL.M. social life by organizing welcoming, graduating, and all-year parties between students and professionals.
  • Improve post-LL.M. life by helping students find OPT’s or jobs abroad.


The goals of the LL.M. Executive Student Board can be found on our campaign website