SBA Student Organizations Directory

Student Bar Association**

President Tiph Harner

Student Bar Association Judiciary

Chief Justice Marcus Childress


Administrative Law Review:
Editor-in-Chief Sara Lacy

American University Law Review:
Editor-in-Chief Miles Galbraith

Business Law Review:
Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Grant

International Law Review:
Editor-in-Chief Mary Grinton

Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law:
Editor-in-Chief Jesany Michel

AU Labor and Employment Law Forum:
Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Erin Brown

The Arbitration Brief:
Editor-in-Chief Gabriel Huertas del Pino

Criminal Law Brief:
Editor-in-Chief Megan Petry

Health Law and Policy Brief:
Editor-in-Chief Claudia Ahiabor

The Human Rights Brief:

Co-Editors-in-Chief: Diana Damschroder & Michelle Flash

Intellectual Property Law Brief:
Editor-in-Chief Alexis Patterson

Legislation and Policy Brief:
Editor-in-Chief Zachary Gold

The Modern American:
Editor-in-Chief Michelle Holland

National Security Law Brief:
Editor-in-Chief Samina Bharmal

Sustainable Development Law & Policy Brief:
Editor-in-Chief Veronica Kennedy

Competition Organizations

Alternative Dispute Resolution:
President Benjamin Spink

MockTrial Honor Society:
President Corey Peterson

Moot Court Honor Society:
President Harini Srinivasan

ALSA Organizations

Asian Pacific American Law Student Association:
President Wenxi Li

Black Law Students Association:
President Monique Nettleford-Bruce

Jewish Law Students Association:
President Michal Kaufer

Latina/o Law Student Association:
President Sonia Torrico

South Asian Law Students Association:
Co-Presidents Ruhee Vagle & Samit D'Cunha

Other Organizations

Action for Human Rights & Alternative Winter Break:
President Amy Gellatly

ADVANCE Mentoring Group:
President Gabriela Baca

African Justice Initiative
Co-Presidents Lise Mandeng & Brenda Wylie

American Constitution Society:
President Anna Cloeter

Amnesty International WCL:
President: Pious Ahuja

Association of Transfer Students: Hope Collis,
Vice President Maria George

Brazillian Interest Society:

Co-Presidents Winnie Hagemeyer, Paulo Gusmao, Carlos Grover, & Jonathan Keller

Business Law Society:
President Elizabeth Vaysman

Christian Legal Society:

President Samantha Serna

Communications & Media Law Society:
President Alan DeLevie

Criminal Law Society:
President Amanda Eubanks

Disability Law Society:

Co-Presidents Hezzy Smith & Talila Lewis

Energy Law Society:

President Taylor Klavan

Environmental Law Society:
President Stacey Garfinkle

Equal Justice Foundation:
President Rachel Nadas

Evening Law Students Association
President Tim Blute

Federalist Society
President Adam Crane

Health Law & Justice Society:
President Will McIntinre:

Vice President Michelle Holland:

Faculty Advisor Matt Pierce:

Faculty Advisor Lindsay Wiley:

Immigrants' Rights Coalition:
Co-Chairs Lindsay Fullerton & Alia Al-Khatib

Intellectual Property Law Society
President Bijan Madhani

International Trade & Investment Law Society
President Jacob Bedingfield

Iranian American Student Bar Association
President Farzad Ramin

President John Monterubio

J. Reuben Clark Law Society
President Jesse Ransom

Lambda Law Society:
Executive Director Ashley Green

Law and Government Society:
President Jacob Zoghlin

Law Revue:
President Emily Roberts

Law Students for Reproductive Justice:
President Rachel Schulman

Maritime Law Society
President Jay Perry

National Lawyers Guild:
President Amber Lee

Non-Traditional Law Students Association
President Joe Fleishman

Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity:
Justice Brian Nistler

Society for Justice in Palestine
President Jared Decoteau

Space Law Society
President George John

Sports & Entertainment Law Society
President Jennifer Riso

Students United
President Christiane Cannon

Transactional Law Society:
President Zac Davis

WCL Democrats
Cyle Barber - President (

Briana Cartright - Vice President  (

Carlos Garcia - Political Director (

Jeanna Lee - Administrator Director (

Stephan Polsdofer - Communications Director (

Women's Law Association:
President Sarah Brown

*The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the student government, responsible for coordination of all student activities at the law school.

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