The Evening Law Students Association (ELSA) is dedicated to providing useful professional, academic, and social opportunities for evening students at the Washington College of Law (WCL). ELSA also is committed to increasing the interaction and integration of evening students with all members of the WCL community. Some of the issues we focus on are:

  • Evening course selections and scheduling
  • Evening hours in WCL administrative offices
  • Helping evening students gain legal experience
  • Law as a second career
  • Bar exam preparation
  • Networking opportunities for current and graduated evening students

Contact ELSA

For more information or to join the ELSA listserve send an email to wcl.elsa@gmail.com.


ELSA is working on events for spring 2009. Details coming soon (time and location will be posted here and in The Docket).

Are you an evening student interested in serving on the ELSA board for the 2008-2009 academic year? We are seeking at least a 1L Representative. A description of the position can be found in our Constitution. To apply for a 1L Representative position, please send an email to wcl.elsa@gmail.com including: your email address, phone number, and a brief statement of why you would like to serve on the ELSA board.

2010-2011 ELSA Board

President: Molly Conway
Vice President: Colby Duren
Secretary: Darian Ghorbi
Treasurer: Mike Kunz