Environmental Law at WCL

The Environmental Law Society is one of many environmental law activities going on at WCL. Look at some of the other activities related to Environmental Law.

Sustainable Development Law & Policy Publication: SDLP is a student-run publication that publishes 3 issues a year on various topics. It focuses on reconciling the tensions between environmental sustainability, economic development, and human welfare. The SDLP journal embraces an interdisciplinary approach to provide a fuller view of current legal, political, and social developments.

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Environmental Law Summer Session: Started in 2005, the Environmental Law Summer Session offers students the opportunity to take a variety of domestic and international environmental law courses alongside international practitioners over a four week period. Courses are taught by leading practitioners from non-governmental organizations, government, and business.

Program on International and Comparative Environmental Law


Podcast LogoThe Hot Air Show: Carbon Policies, Politics & Markets : The Environmental Law Program and the American Bar Association's Energy and Environmental Markets and Finance Committee host an episodal podcast that is taped at WCL and features panelists who work in government, law firms, private industry, and non-governmental organizations. Topics vary by episode, but generally relate to climate change, energy, and environmental markets. If you want information about the show, including guests, topics, and how to listen or subscribe to the podcast, visit the Hot Air Show website.