ELS Goes Hiking

Every year, the Environmental Law Society (ELS) organizes student hikes so that everyone can get outdoors and enjoy nature. Below are pictures from these hikes.

Hike - Fall 2012

On October 6, Professor Leiter, Professor Hunter, Program Coordinator Erika Lennon of the Program on International & Comparative Environmental Law, and members of ELS hiked Little Devil's Stairs in Shenandoah National Park.

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Right: A beautiful fall day in Shenandoah with a trail shaded by trees changing their colors. (Photo credit: Monika Fidler)

Left and below: Professors, staff, and JD and LL.M students gather before the hike to introduce themselves to one another.















Everyone gathers before the hike begins for a group photo.










Left and Right: Heading up the trail near the beginning of Little Devil's Stairs in Shenandoah. (Photo Credit (right): Monika Fidler)













Above and left: ELS members heading up the "stairs."




Right: JD and LL.M students and friends on the climb to the top of the trail.









Left: Shenandoah's flora (Photo Credit: Monika Fidler)




Right: A view of the river that we crisscrossed as we went up the trail. (Photo Credit: Monika Fidler)







Left: Students walk along the fire road.






Right: Professor Amanda Leiter, Professor David Hunter, and Program Coordinator Erika Lennon head down the trail near the end of the hike. (Photo credit: Monika Fidler)





Left: Environmental Law Program Professors and staff with JD and LL.M students outside of the cemetery (see below) that has been maintained within the boundaries of the Shenandoah National Park. (Photo Credit: Monika Fidler)






At right: Along the fire road is an old family cemetery that has been preserved. The cemetery was the main one for one of the families that lived in the Blue Mountains before being displaced by the creation of Shenandoah National Park. Read more about this cemetery.



Another group shot before heading up the trail.


Hike - Spring 2012

Professor Amanda Leiter and several ELS students celebrated the end of the 2011-2012 academic year by going on a hike along the Billy Goat Trail, one of our many local trails!









Left: Professor Leiter leads students down the Billy Goat Trail.