Amanda Eubanks , President
Robert Nothdurft, Jr., Vice President
Jared Engelking, Secretary
Jeanna Lee, Treasurer
Corinne Warren, Historian

The Criminal Law Society

Welcome to the Criminal Law Society!

The criminal justice system in this country is deeply rooted in the ideas of rights of victims and the accused and how those rights relate to one another in a society seeking to maintain social order. The Criminal Law Society is committed to exploring the traditional aspects of the legal community, as well as the ever-evolving nature of the criminal justice system in the United States.  The Society will be organizing events throughout the fall and spring to discuss/debate pressing criminal justice issues, including mandatory minimum sentencing, drug law disparities, immigration and human trafficking.  A career panel will also be held in the spring.  Other events, such as visits to the Supreme Court to hear oral arguments on cases involving criminal issues, are also being planned.

On-campus forums offered throughout the year will bring in professionals and community leaders to address a range of issues facing the criminal legal community. The CLS is a non-partisan, impartial organization seeking to explore the totality of the criminal justice system through events dealing with evocative and timely issues. The CLS is dedicated to creating opportunities for students interested in criminal law to interact with faculty, practitioners, judges, and community organizations that work in the field by holding panel discussions, networking events, field trips, career services programs, and volunteer community service. Click here to view our consitution.


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Contact Information

We hope you'll be part of CLS this year and welcome any and all contributions from students, faculty and staff! Please contact us at with questions or suggestions.