WCL Animal Law Society

(We are a student chapter of the Animal Legal Defense Fund)

Providing a forum for education, advocacy & scholarship aimed at protecting the lives & advancing the interests of animals through the legal system. Because issues relating to Animal Law also relate to a broad spectrum of issues surrounding other legal fields, we are a group of Law Students who seek to show how Animal Law intersects with nearly every other law field. We also just really love animals!

Lauren Tavar


Our stellar fierce leader comes from Jacksonville, FL. She is currently a 3L, and she intends to practice Wildlife Protection Law. She parents a rescue dog named Panda who is known for her adorable spunky attitude. She is also an Adoption Coordinator at Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.

Matt Goldstein

Financial Director

This west coast stud comes to us from the famed city of Los Angeles. He is currently a 2L, and he intends to practice Criminal, Disability, and/or Animal Protection Law. He parents a rescue Belgian Malinois named Zeus who holds the world's record for largest ears.

Ingrid Lesemann

Vice President

Brooklynite turned Carolina Girl. This girl most recently hails from Charleston, SC. She is currently a 2L, and she intends to practice Farm Animal Protection Law. She parents a small rescue yorkie-mix named Zoe who loves to eat carrots. She is also an animal care volunteer at Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary.

Valeriya Khoroshun

Projects Director

With her hometown being known for its beautiful Black Sea coastline and forested mountains, this Ukrainian most recently comes to us from South Florida. She is currently a 2L, and she intends to practice International Trade Law. She parents a cute little longhaired Dachshund rescue named Bentley. And, two rescued cats named Boogy and Micha.

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