Summer Abroad Experience Results in Internship and Expanded Legal Interests

When Jeanette Bayoumi first arrived in Istanbul during the summer after her 1L year, she thought the city was beautiful.

“Istanbul is an interesting crossroads of so many different cultures and a good mix of Europe and the Middle East,” described Bayoumi.  

As a participant in the law school's Summer Abroad Program in Turkey, Bayoumi learned on-site from some of the best Turkish and European law professors and experts in the field while meeting practitioners and policymakers. She also visited all of the attractions Istanbul had to offer, including taking part in organized site visits to the Turkish Supreme Court, World Bank, Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, and Grand Bazaar. She also enjoyed getting brunch in Bekek with friends and shopping in the fashion-forward Nişantaşı district.  

Bayoumi completed the study abroad program during the protests in Taksim Square. Some of Bayoumi classmates went to Taksim to watch the protestors, while others chose to join in. As Bayoumi observed the protestors, she said she felt “a sense of solidarity and community - there were lawyers offering services and everyone just wanted to help each other.”

After completing the program, Bayoumi interned at a law firm in the heart of Istanbul for the rest of the summer. She secured the summer associate position at ELIG through the school’s connections.

“It was a great work experience," said Bayoumi. "Working in a foreign country where I was unfamiliar with the language opened my eyes and taught me to adapt to different work environments.”

Bayoumi always had an interest in international law, trade, and finance, but became interested in competition law after her internship.

“I got hands-on experience in competition law, a type of law I probably would never have been exposed to if not for my internship,” she said.

(Pictured: Jeanette Bayoumi, third from the left, with some of her law school colleagues in Turkey.)

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