AUWCL Welcomes Five New Scholars from Around the World to the S.J.D. Program

American University Washington College of Law’s S.J.D. Program is a vibrant center of intellectual life at the law school. Recently, the Program welcomed five scholars from Korea, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Brazil, and Taiwan. Candidates enjoy a challenging intellectual environment as they pursue their passion for legal research and contribute to legal scholarship in their fields of specialization.

"We are thrilled to have such an outstanding group of candidates from around the globe," said Lia Epperson, professor and director of the S.J.D. program. "As they benefit from the extensive knowledge and network of our faculty, they also enrich the WCL community with their unique perspectives and expertise."

At the end of the academic year, the new scholars will present their research findings to the Washington legal community as part of the Third Annual Mid-Atlantic S.J.D. Roundtable.

Read more about the S.J.D. Candidates below:

Young (Maxwell) Joo is an S.J.D. candidate at AUWCL and is completing his dissertation, which is titled “Cyber Matrix: Unearthing the Fundamental Questions of 21st Century Law of War and Beyond.” Before joining the law school he taught at Soongsil University, functioned as a legal and policy aid to a Representative of the Korean National Assembly, and served as a researcher for the Center for Korean Legal Studies at Columbia Law School.

Abdulmajed Alrajhi recently earned an LL.M. from AUWCL and is now pursuing an S.J.D. The title of his dissertation is “Female Arbitrators Under Islamic Law.” Abdulmajed has worked in Saudi Arabia as a legal advisor and is interested in international business law and international commercial arbitration. He is also the co-chair and founder of the Arab Association at AUWCL.

Jesús Bores-Lazo is an S.J.D. candidate at American University Washington College of Law and is completing his dissertation titled “Regulation And Role Of Industrial Property Rights In Innovation and Development Within The Framework Of Global, Regional And Bilateral Trade Agreements.” Prior to joining the S.J.D. program Jesús worked as a Commercial Lawyer in Europe for almost 20 years.

Chen-Hung Chang was admitted to the bar in Taiwan before coming to AUWCL to pursue an S.J.D. His proposed dissertation is titled “Facing the Digital Commercial Data Privacy Challenges of the Global Information Age.” His fields of study and professional expertise include: civil and constitutional rights, administrative law and information privacy. He has an extensive publication history including several articles that are published in law journals in the Taiwan Social Science Citation Index.

Cristiane Dias, an S.J.D. candidate at American University Washington College of Law, is working on her dissertation titled “A Comparative Study between Brazilian and The USA Environmental Permitting Procedure.” Prior to joining AUWCL’s S.J.D program, Mrs. Dias worked in Brazil as an environmental lawyer and independent consultant. She also wrote legal chapters of Environmental Impact Studies assessing installation of important facilities in Brazil.

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