Student Profile: Meet First-Year Student Richard Moua

Richard Moua served for five years as a paratrooper in the Army before joining the section two entering class at AUWCL.

“I served in a specialized unit of the military,” said Moua. “We jumped out of airplanes and rappelled out of helicopters to get behind enemy lines.”

After fulfilling his dream of serving in the military, he said he chose to come to law school because it seemed like a natural segue. He’s interested in studying international law and constitutional law so that he can affect policy as it relates to military action.

“I’m interested in joining the national security brief and the federalist society,” he said. “I would also like to intern for the Department of Defense, and deal specifically with operations and specific actions of our troops and our agents in hostile territory.”

Moua was born in France and has lived in California, Minnesota, and North Carolina. He served overseas as a paratrooper in Afghanistan and Iraq. He said he likes moving around and adapts easily to new areas, but he chose AUWCL because of its D.C. location and because of its reputation for international law.

“AUWCL has an incredibly high ranked international focus, and it’s in D.C., which is the epicenter of all that livelihood,” said Moua. “My priority is networking, and in D.C. there are many opportunities to do that."