Law and Government LL.M. Students Broaden Horizons with Community Development Initiatives

Cooperation Among Student Groups Promotes Professional Development

This year’s Law & Government LL.M. Executive Board joins a long line of past boards dedicated to promoting communication between the law school and students while creating programming for the law school community.

The LL.M Board strives to provide a forum for sharing ideas and experiences for the LL.M. in Law and Government students and SJD candidates. Board members are elected to their positions by the students they represent.

The 2012-13 all-female group has set an important goal for the school year—to bring a different level of career development to the law school. Garylene “Gage” Javier, president of the Law & Government LL.M Executive Board, said the focus of her administration for the year is to focus on career and community development initiatives.

“We want to foster a sense of community, and beyond that, we want to develop ourselves socially, professionally, and independently,” Javier said. “Today's job market is one where you have to put your best foot forward all the time.”

The LL.M. Board also organizes symposiums, panels, and field trips. The group most recently held a successful Thanksgiving networking dinner for nearly 50 students from all three LL.M. programs. The group will also host an Inaugural Ball in January, and is planning a conference in the spring.

Lauren Dudley, JD ‘12, treasurer of the Law & Government LL.M Board, said that her familiarity with the law school allows her to provide valuable information to the board about beneficial events that the students can attend.

“I’m familiar with the events that the law school tends to hold and events that students want to attend, so I’ve been working with the board in terms of providing that kind of information," said Dudley.

The LL.M. Board regularly fosters a sense of community within the law school by collaborating with the JD students in the Program on Law & Government to coordinate events. Joe Lazar, 2L and president of the Law & Government Society, a JD focused group, said that collaborating with the LL.M.s has allowed him to provide the members of his program with a variety of career enhancing opportunities.

“Cooperation is always beneficial, and that is what makes the Program on Law & Government as good as it can be," said Lazar. "A lot of the classes have JDs and LL.M.s in them, so I think just getting to know them better and getting to know their views is helpful so that we can collaborate more and put on bigger events for the student body at American University Washington College of Law.”

The 2012 – 2013 LL.M Law & Government Board members:

Garylene Javier, president;

Angela Alves, vice president;

Lauren Dudley, treasurer;

Luna Barakat, SJD representative;

Brittany Roberts, activities director;

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