Sold Out Law Revue Show Highlights Diversity of Student and Professor Talent

The 21st annual American University Law Revue show provided AUWCL students the opportunity to show off their singing, dancing, script writing, and technical skills to playfully poke fun at the law school, their professors, fellow students, and the legal profession. 

This year’s show, Grossman’s Eleven, parodied the movie Ocean’s Eleven. The law school students transformed one of the large classrooms into a musical set complete with lights, sound, and video. The performance began with a live brass band performance of the Pink Panther, and they used high quality video clips to show the performers making discoveries and plotting schemes in different areas of the law school.

Cast member Joe Lazar, 2L, parodied one of the members of television show Jersey Shore. He said the talent of the cast was amazing and gave the show a high level of credibility.

“We had the most talented cast,” said Lazar. “It was a real show, we took it seriously, and the songs were all well written. It was good that we had the ingenuity of the writers who took popular songs and wrote them so that they were related to law school.  We also had a really talented band that was able to play perfectly.” 

According to Chris Bergin, 2L and assistant director, there is so much enthusiasm for Law Revue that they are now looking for ways to meet the growing demand. 

We have a lot of professors that come out and perform and having the students see someone like Professor Figley get up and sing is absolutely hysterical,” said Bergin.  “Last year we sold out, but this year we sold out even more quickly. The popularity is actually increasing so much that we’re considering adding another show next year."

Legal rhetoric and torts Professor Paul Figley performed as himself this year. His sketch began with a long bewildering pause, followed by a playful rendition of, “If I were at Georgetown,” fashioned after “If I were a Rich Man” from Fiddler on the Roof.  This was his fifth year performing in the show, but only his second year singing.  He said Law Revue is a great way for a diverse group of students to work together for a common cause.

“It is the only event I know of where students from all different areas of interest, whether it be the legal journals, or the various political action groups, or the interest groups really come together,” said Figley.  “It gives you a cross-section of the student body where they’re fully engaged, absolutely respect each other, and produce something that is unique and of high quality.” 

To prepare for the four performances, the cast rehearsed twice a week for about two months before the show, often working from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. 

Maya Kushner, 2L, performed her lines in Russian, Italian, Japanese, and English.  She said the show was a great way to bond with 1Ls, 2Ls, 3Ls, part-time students, and LL.Ms.

I’ve made some life-long friendships from people that I’ve met in the show and I think it’s a really fun activity,” said Kushner.  “It’s hilarious.  I tell all my friends every year to come see it."