Law School Launches New Program on International Information Communications Technology (ICT) Policy and Regulation

American University Washington College of Law Partners with International Telecommunications Satellite Organization


Pictured: Dean Claudio Grossman (AUWCL), Dr. Renata Brazil David (ITSO), Jose Toscano (ITSO), and Carlos Portales (AUWCL) at a Feb. 4 dinner for students, alumni, and faculty who share a commitment to shaping global governance.

Washington, D.C., Feb. 4, 2014 – American University Washington College of Law is pleased to announce a new program on International ICT (Information Communications Technology) Policy and ICT Regulation, made possible through a partnership with the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO).

The Program will include courses, seminars, lectures, targeted trainings, and internships focused on leading issues and current developments in the field of international information communications technology (ICT) policy and regulation. The creation of the Program will enable the law school to produce opportunities for formal research and scholarship, provide a solid foundation to those aspiring to enter the telecommunications field, and offer practical experience and professional networks to students.

“Our law school is a leader in the education of lawyers with global perspectives and skills, particularly in areas of international law, international organizations, intellectual property, and human rights; together with ITSO, we look forward to furthering our impact, expertise and relevance in these critical areas of legal practice,” said Claudio Grossman, dean, American University Washington College of Law.

“Connectivity and access to ICT is crucial for economic and social development, so it is important to train professionals who can participate in the creation of a favorable environment for investment and worldwide dissemination of the potential of those technologies,” said Jose Toscano, director general, ITSO. “I feel honored and delighted to enter into this very important partnership with American University Washington College of Law, a top law school with an outstanding reputation in international law.”

The Program is being developed under the leadership of AUWCL alumna and adjunct professor Dr. Renata Brazil David, director of legal affairs at ITSO. The Program is part of American University Washington College of Law's Program on International Organizations, Law and Diplomacy (May 27-June 11), offering a course on “Introduction to ICT Policy and Institutions: The Role of Intergovernmental Organizations.” During the 2014-15 academic year, there will also be a course on “International ICT Policy and Regulation” offered to J.D. and LL.M students.

The Program is guided by an Advisory Board, composed of AUWCL professors and experts in the field of telecommunications and information communications technology.


The International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) is an intergovernmental organization based in Washington, DC, with 149 member nations. ITSO’s role is to ensure that Intelsat, Ltd. provides public telecommunications services, including voice, data and video, on a global and non-discriminatory basis. Previously known as “INTELSAT”, the organization was established in 1973 and restructured in 2001, resulting in the creation of a private entity, Intelsat, Ltd. For more information, visit

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