2012 Election Experts: Campaigning, Politics, and the Primary Process



Jamin Raskin – professor, director of Program on Law and Government, and Maryland State Senator

Expertise: political process, campaign finance, and local, state, and national politics

Jamin Raskin teaches Constitutional Law, First Amendment, the Constitution and Public Education, and Legislation and Political Process. An active constitutional and public interest lawyer, Raskin has represented clients as diverse as Reverend Jesse Jackson, Ross Perot and Greenpeace, and was chairman of Maryland’s State Higher Education Labor Relations Board. As a State Senator in Maryland, Professor Raskin serves on the influential Judicial Proceedings Committee, the Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics, the Joint Committee on the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Coast, and the Joint Committee on State-Federal Relations. Raskin’s varied career in public life has included service as: general counsel of the National Rainbow Coalition, a member of President Clinton’s first Transition Team, a state assistant attorney general, and a senior fellow at People for the American Way.


Herman Schwartzprofessor of law

Expertise: party politics, civil rights, civil liberties

Throughout a long career in academia, publishing and community service, Professor Schwartz has focused his attention and the world's on issues of civil rights and civil liberties as they have played out in courts and prisons across the globe. He has worked with the United Nations, the human rights advocacy group Helsinki Watch, the U.S./Israel Civil Liberties Law Program (which he founded), the ACLU Prison Project (which he founded), American University Washington College of Law's Human Rights Center and other organizations. Throughout the 1960's and 1970's, he was active in civil rights and civil liberties litigation and advocacy, serving as chief counsel in school desegregation cases in the North and the South. He was also the ACLU expert on the law and policy of electronic surveillance and the author of numerous studies of the operation of the wiretap laws. In May 2006 he was awarded the 2006 Champion of Justice Award by the Alliance for Justice. Schwartz has also served in state and federal government, including service as Chief Counsel of the Senate Antitrust Subcommittee, and Chief Counsel for Revenue Sharing, U.S. Treasury.


William Yeomans - fellow in law and government

Expertise: primary process, voting rights, national politics

William Yeomans joined the faculty of law in 2009. From 2006 until 2009, he served as Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s chief counsel on the Senate Judiciary Committee. He has also been legal director of the Alliance for Justice and the first director of programs for the American Constitution Society, where he spearheaded the launch of its two publications: the Harvard Law and Policy Review and Advance. Prior to that, he spent 26 years at the Department of Justice where he litigated and supervised civil rights cases in the federal courts involving voting rights, school desegregation, employment discrimination, housing discrimination, hate crimes, police misconduct, abortion clinic violence, and human trafficking. He served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Chief of Staff, and acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights.


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