Aishwarya Ponugoti (left) and Trishala Dessai (right)
Aishwarya Ponugoti (left) and Trishala Dessai (right)

WCL Students Bring Home Two Wins in Ninth Annual LL.M. Moot Court Competition

Organized by the WCL Center on International Commercial Arbitration, the Ninth LL.M. International Commercial Arbitration Moot Competition was created specifically for LL.M. students and seeks to foster the study of international arbitration for the resolution of international business disputes and investment disputes. The University of Pittsburgh, Georgetown University, Fordham University, and other law schools competed this year. WCL proudly brought home two wins during the competition. 

Trishala Dessai won best oralist for the entire competition, receiving the highest score in all speaker rounds.

Trishala is a double eagle, pursing her accelerated J.D/LL.M from WCL in International Arbitration. Her passion includes fighting for workers’ rights and all things ISDS. Trishala attended Cornell University’s School of Industrial Labor Relations for her undergraduate degree and will return to Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business to pursue an accelerated MBA. Her career plans include creating a startup to establish a portable benefits system for gig-economy workers, allowing for equitable benefits and pay for workers across all socioeconomic backgrounds. In addition, she plans on working first-hand on international investment issues from an international business perspective. Trishala serves as Senior Article Editor of the Arbitration Brief, Article Editor of the Legislation and Policy Brief, Student Editor of the South East Asian Law Review, and Captain of the NLSTIAM Moot team.

Additionally, Trishala Dessai and Aishwarya Ponugoti won second place in the entire competition. 

Aishwarya Ponugoti is a second-semester International LL.M student in the ILSP program and is passionate about international environmental law. Originally from India, she holds her LL.B from Osmania University. Her background in mechanical engineering led her to actively engage in environmental issues, where she hopes to focus her career on international dispute resolution and to enact policy changes in international environmental law with a keen eye on the intersection of international arbitration and energy charter treaties. Aishwarya serves as the Incharge of Communications of the LL.M Board, Incharge of Social Chair of Animal Law Society and a member of Environmental Law Society. She is active on campus and loves helping her peers feel invested in the WCL community. Her future goals include CAO of World Bank and working in other international organizations to address issues on global crises.