Team Recognized for Excellence in Research and Writing at International Human Rights Competition

Rashad Abelson, Merve Stolzman, and Emelie KozakThird year students Rashad Abelson and Merve Stolzman, and LL.M. student Emelie Kozak won the “Excellence in Research and Writing Advocacy Award” and tied for 3rd place overall in the 2015 Clara Barton International Humanitarian Law Competition. Abelson also received the “Top Advocate Award”.

The Clara Barton International Humanitarian Law Competition focuses on the practice of international humanitarian law (IHL) while exposing participants to “real world challenges facing IHL practitioners during armed conflict.”

The team was coached by Professor Susana SaCouto, Chante Lasco, and Katherine Cleary of the law school's War Crimes Research Office.