Sen. Elizabeth Warren Discusses Trade, Democracy During Foreign Policy Address at AUWCL

November 30, 2018

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren delivers an address on foreign policy at American University Washington College of Law Nov. 29.

On Thursday, Nov. 29, Sen. Elizabeth Warren visited American University Washington College of Law for an address on foreign policy, outlining her ideas on strengthening democracy within the U.S. and abroad.

Speaking to a crowd of nearly 500 American University and AUWCL students, Warren discussed a myriad of topics, including the connection between foreign and domestic democracy, reinvesting in diplomacy, bringing U.S. troops home from Afghanistan, and a new global trade policy that supports worker interest.

Warren was introduced by AUWCL Senior Associate Dean Brenda Smith who, on behalf of AUWCL Dean Camille Nelson, noted that the event was a “momentous occasion to welcome the first female senator from Massachusetts to the first law school to be founded by women, the first with a female dean, and the first law school to graduate an all-female class.”

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Senior Associate Dean Brenda Smith introduces Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Smith welcomed American University students from main campus to the event, which was presented by AUSG Kennedy Political Union and cosponsored by the School of Public Affairs and AU College Democrats.

“I am thrilled to see you here for this event and hope that it will spur you to think about becoming a double eagle, and considering WCL if you are thinking about law school,” Smith told the crowd.

American University’s coverage of the address, 10 Memorable Moments from Elizabeth Warren’s Speech at AU, details key topics discussed by Warren throughout her remarks – and underscores that she knows some American University history.

“Fifty-five years ago, when President John F. Kennedy spoke right here at American University, he said that, 'Our problems are man-made, and therefore, they can be solved by man.' The same is true today. OK, I'd add they can be solved by women, as well," Warren said.

AUWCL Students React to Warren’s Address

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren takes the stage at her address Thursday, Nov. 29 at American University Washington College of Law.

2L Caitlin Remmel, who has a background in grassroots campaign organization, called Warren’s foreign affairs speech “brilliant” and her overall appearance at the event “inspiring.” 

“In a country where most citizens care more about domestic issues than foreign policy, it was great to see Warren emphasize why democracy and independent rule of law around the globe is vital to protecting our middle class at home,” Remmel said. “She explained issues in a clear and concise manner. And she lit up at the end when asked about a topic near and dear to her heart – student loan forgiveness and consumer bankruptcy.”

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren answers questions submitted by American University students during a Q&A session moderated by School of Public Affairs Dean Vicky Wilkins.

"Senator Warren's speech was a powerful call to action to an educated and engaged citizenry, and I think she found that audience among AU and WCL students," said 3L Kevin Serafino, who works full-time as a congressional lobbyist for the Household and Commercial Products Association while pursuing his degree at AUWCL in the part-time JD program.

"Her vision for American global leadership focuses on economic and social prosperity for all, but accomplishes that goal by embracing shared democratic values instead of a divide-and-conquer mentality,” Serafino continued. “It was exciting to see WCL host such a dynamic speaker and passionate public servant, especially one with so much experience training and inspiring a generation of lawyers." 

Read more about Warren’s speech here, and watch a video of her remarks here. See additional coverage of the event on The New York Times.