Reception for Newly Elected Alumni Held at AUWCL

Gwen Graham, Stacey Plaskett and othersAmerican University Washington College of Law hosted a reception in January for alumni recently elected to public office—including U.S. Representatives Gwen Graham ’88 and Stacey Plaskett ’94. Graham represents Florida’s second congressional district, and Plaskett represents the U.S. Virgin Islands as its non-voting Delegate.

Dean Claudio Grossman recognized the accomplishments of AUWCL alumni in attendance. In his remarks he emphasized the importance of free elections and the example they set for the world.  He also stressed the importance of the alumni elected officials as role models for our community and society at large.

“We have had magnificent students who have gone on to do amazing things in public life,” said Professor Jamie Raskin, director of the Program on Law and Government and Maryland State Senator. He invoked the memory of Senator Robert Byrd, “who was known as the ‘conscience of the Senate’ and cast more votes in the Senate than anyone else in history.”

Raskin introduced the federal and state elected officials as people “who had fueled their passion for public service at AUWCL.”

Newly elected officials with Dean Grossman and Professor Raskin
Pictured: Elected Officials from D.C., Maryland, and VIrginia with Professor Raskin and Dean Grossman.

Rep. Plaskett attended the reception with members of her family and spoke about her time as a law student. Plaskett has worked as a prosecutor in the Bronx, NY, as counsel to the U.S. Justice Department, and as general counsel with the Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority. As a non-voting member of the U.S. House of Representatives, she sees her new role as “super lobbyist for the territory.” Plaskett said she will be “thinking outside the box” while in Washington to work on such issues as economic recovery in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The reception also recognized alumni elected officials from Maryland, Virginia, and D.C., including: Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn '93 (41st District, Virginia), Delegate Joseph Lindsey '84 (90th District, Virginia), Delegate David Moon '04 (District 20, Maryland), Delegate Kirill Reznik '03 (District 39, Maryland), and Senator Paul Strauss '93 (Shadow Senator, D.C.). They all talked about being influenced by what Delegate Moon described as “the fire for change and justice that inspires the mission of this great law school.”