Professor Paul Figley Releases Second Edition of A Guide to the Federal Tort Claims Act

January 23, 2018

Paul Figley

A practical, concise overview of the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) and its jurisprudence is the foundation of the second edition of Professor Paul Figley’s book, A Guide to the Federal Tort Claims Act.

In the newest edition Professor Figley, interim director of American University Washington College of Law’s Legal Writing and Rhetoric Program, addresses the FTCA’s waiver of sovereign immunity, its purpose, scope, exclusions, exceptions, and the procedures for presenting administrative tort claims and filing suit.

A Guide to the Federal Tort Claims Act discusses the protections the FTCA may provide to federal employees sued in tort, and explains the FTCA’s rules for damages and for financial matters, including attorneys’ fees, costs, and interest. The book also examines the FTCA settlement process and recommends approaches to settlement negotiations.