Orientation Week at AUWCL Unveils Multiple Paths of Excellence 

Incoming 1L Students Embark on a Journey of Commitment as the Honorable Judge Dolores Dorsainvil '00 Administers Professional Oath

Judge Dolores Dorsainvil '00 and Dean Roger A. Fairfax Jr.

Orientation week on the campus of American University Washington College of Law (AUWCL) ushers in a profound moment for incoming 1L students as they embark on a journey that will shape their careers, their perspectives, and their futures. Day two included the administering of the all-important professional oath to the incoming 1L students by Judge Dolores Dorsainvil '00. Representing more than just words, the oath is a commitment to uphold the highest ethical standards, to serve the greater good, and to dedicate a legal education to making a positive impact on society.

In his opening remarks, Dean Roger A. Fairfax Jr. revealed the diverse and accomplished group of incoming 1L students assembled before him. He celebrated the collective experiences that these students brought to the table, emphasizing their wide-ranging backgrounds and paths that had led them to AUWCL.


"I have had the opportunity to learn about the entering part-time and full-time 1L class as a collective. You have served in multiple branches of the U.S. armed forces; two of you served in the Peace Corps; seven of you have served as AmeriCorps members; 47 of you have worked on Capitol Hill; and seven of you were NCAA Division I athletes," Dean Fairfax said. "But there's more. Before coming to AUWCL, you pursued an array of careers, including as an intelligence analyst; software engineer; legislative research director; court clerk; sports coach; census official; a designer who had an exhibition designer at Kennedy Center; kindergarten teacher; paralegal; investigative specialist for the DOJ Office of the Inspector General; campaign manager; IT support specialist; and audiobook voice actor; to name just a few of the impressive backgrounds among your incoming class."

Dean Roger A. Fairfax Jr.

Dean Fairfax went on to reveal other statistics, painting a vivid picture of the class' global reach. With students born in 26 different foreign countries, including places as diverse as Bolivia, China, India, Egypt, and South Korea, AUWCL's embrace stretches far beyond national borders.

"This international tapestry adds an extra layer of richness to the already vibrant campus life," Fairfax said. "Each individual's journey is an integral part of the collective story you are about to write together."

1L students take their professional oath

The highlight of the day came when AUWCL Judge Dolores Dorsainvil took the stage. An esteemed AUWCL alumna and a prominent figure in the Maryland Judiciary, Judge Dorsainvil offered words of encouragement before she led the students through the professional oath.

"You stand at the threshold of possibility," she said. "You have embarked on a journey that will challenge your intellect, test your resilience, and forge your character into that of a true legal scholar."

1L students take their professional oath

Dean Fairfax reminded students that the path of legal education and practice is known to be demanding, but assured the students that their AUWCL family will be with them every step of the way.

"Things worth doing are often difficult, and, more importantly, you are up to the task!" he said. "You really are in the right place at the right time and regardless of where your path may lead, remember that your purpose is larger than yourself. This will fuel and sustain you when things get difficult – and they will get difficult at times – both in law school and in practice. I congratulate you and welcome you to the AUWCL family!"

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Story by Keith Pierce.