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New “Blockchain for Law Students” Website Arrives in Time for Fall Semester

July 30, 2018

Professor Walter Effross, who specializes in corporate and internet/computer law, has launched a new website filled with practical resources on blockchain and cryptocurrency.  The website is just one in a series of recent efforts Effross and his students have taken to demystify blockchain and related technologies for interested parties in the community.

“The rise of blockchain offers students numerous opportunities to refine their own powers of explanation, in writing and in presentations, to different audiences, including potential employers,” said Effross, who was assisted on the project by David McGee ’19.

The new website,, offers:

• Ten reasons why law students should become blockchain-literate;

• A list of recommended resources (for self-directed study and research, as well as for constructing or supplementing syllabi);

• Summaries of and/or excerpts from the emerging body of case law concerning blockchain and cryptocurrency;

• A collection of legal issues and responsive law review articles (and other sources), ordered by field of law;

• A categorization, with examples, of major types of participants in the blockchain economy;

• Suggestions on selecting law school courses relevant to blockchain practice; and

• Various questions, opinions, and observations about blockchain-related legal issues.