National Democracy Slam 2015 Tackles Election Reform with 17 Bold Ideas

Harry Kresky, Melinda Henneberger, Jamie Raskin and Chuck Todd
L-R: Harry Kresky, Melinda Henneberger,Prof. Jamie Raskin, and NBC's Chuck Todd.

Require all citizens to cast a ballot. Small dollar public financing. Independent redistricting.  A Right to Vote Amendment…

These were just a few of the 17 proposed reforms presented during National Democracy Slam 2015. On April 22, activists, advocates, policymakers and academics gathered at American University Washington College of Law for a day-long conference exploring solutions to breaking partisan gridlock, ending gerrymandering, and improving America’s elections and politics.

Audience members heard from thought-leaders including Rob Richie, Harry Kresky, Melinda Henneberger, AUWCL Professor Jamie Raskin, and Congressmen Mark Pocan and John Sarbanes.  Chuck Todd, NBC’s Political Director and moderator of “Meet the Press”, hosted the final round of the Democracy Slam.      

In the spirit of democracy, attendees had the opportunity to participate actively. Live polling via the Democracy Slam 2015 App and the social media hashtag #DemocracySlam enabled both in-person and online attendees to weigh in on each of the 17 electoral reforms that were discussed, with real-time results for each poll.

Read what some participants had to say.


National Democracy Slam 2015 was sponsored by the American Constitution Society, American University Washington College of Law’s Program on Law and Government, the American University Legislation & Policy Brief, and FairVote.