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Intellectual Property Summer Courses Explore Ever-Changing Regulations and New Technologies

May 8, 2020

Each summer, AUWCL’s renowned intellectual property program offers a broad selection of evening, weekend, and short courses through its Intellectual Property Summer Sessions. Participants gain insight into the ever-changing field of intellectual property law, including patent litigation, copyright, licensing, design law, video game, multilateral law-making and much more.

Some of this year’s courses include:

With the enactment of the America Invent Acts in 2011, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (PTO) has implemented several new proceedings which permit the review of the validity of U.S. patents through a contentious proceeding at the PTO. Current IP practitioners will benefit from learning these new proceedings with distinct statutory requirements, which must be satisfied prior to the institution.

Video game developers face a unique combination of legal issues and hurdles from initial concept, through development, and continuing through the release of each new game. This course is essential to those desiring to work with video game developers, but also for those looking to work with any new and nascent technology, e.g., augmented reality, virtual reality, movie production, and the creative arts.

New technologies have created a tidal wave of data that, depending on how they are collected and analyzed, could deliver important societal benefits, or pose critical risks to privacy. The private sector is moving forward quickly to develop and deploy new technologies, while legal frameworks lag behind, often driven to respond to the latest crisis, which may not be adequate for the next. This course will explore the regulatory and oversight structures that countries are putting in place to ensure that society realizes technology’s promise while managing its privacy risks.

Participants will attend live online classes with expert faculty via Zoom, and collaborate with classmates in real time using a variety of features, including small group breakout rooms and live chats. 

This year, we are offering a 10% discount for both certificate and academic credit options for summer courses. Specialized summer law programs are open to law students and practitioners around the world. Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit may be applied for.

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